About us

ABOUT US . . .                                                       

The Victoria Pregnancy Centre is a Christian-based organization; which means we love God and we love people.

Since 1998, our calling has been to provide FREE support to anyone experiencing pregnancy-related challenges.  This encompasses help for the present, healing from the past and hope for the future.

Our Approach:

An unplanned pregnancy presents a crucial decision point in one’s life, so it is essential to have an environment that feels safe, free from pressure – and to feel heard.

We consider it a sacred trust to walk alongside our clients as they process the many complex emotions that arise with making such a decision. 

We believe implicitly that women have a right to be fully informed with accurate information about the choices they are making – and that they have the right to make a decision that is based on their own values, while also giving consideration to their specific circumstances. 

We believe in empowering women to make decisions that will affect the rest of their lives and ultimately lead to positive outcomes for them.

We welcome all clients to confirm the information they receive at our Centre with reputable on-line sources.

If a client of our Centre obtains an abortion, we love her. If she carries to term, we love her. If she entrusts the care of her child to others through an adoption, we love her. If she grieves after her abortion, without judgement, we will mourn with her. If she experiences pregnancy complications that result in loss, we will grieve with her. If she is in need during parenting, we will endeavor to provide care and resources for her. If she struggles after the adoption, we are committed to walk that journey with her. 

All services are offered with compassion to all VPC clients regardless of race, colour, religion, creed, national origin, age, ability, gender identity, sexual orientation, lifestyle or other arbitrary circumstances.


As a charity, we are supported by the generosity and kindness of individual donors, foundations, agencies, corporations, churches and promotional events. We do not receive government funding for our services.

We are:

    • One of more than 60 independent community-based agencies affiliated with Pregnancy Care Canada (PCC).
    • An affiliate of Care Net and Heartbeat International.
    • A team of caring, trained staff and volunteers, under the supervision of a full-time Executive Director.
    • A non-political incorporated society. Our charitable registration number is 88971-7369 RR 0001.
    • Governed by an overseeing Board of Directors.
    • For more information on our Board of Directors and Financial Accountability and how to be a part of our support community, please email info@victoriapregnancy.org