Prenatal Classes


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Prenatal classes: Our prenatal classes are offered monthly. The 6 hour program is split into 2 – 3 hour classes. Classes discuss late pregnancy changes, labour and birth, understanding birth interventions, postpartum changes, healing and breastfeeding. Unfortunately, babysitting for older siblings is not available.

Support during labor: These classes are designed to teach families about normal labour and birth, how to cope during labour, and how to support Mom during labour. Any support person is welcome (i.e. Mom’s partner, mother, best friend, Doula, etc.). Due to class space, please speak with us if you wish to bring more than one support person to class.

“I really enjoyed the information in the class and the ability to ask questions. The instructor is very knowledgeable.”

If you would like to sign up for the prenatal classes please call us at 250-380-6883 or e-mail our instructor at

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