Presentation 1 – Sexual Health – Topics:

  • Pregnancy
  • Pregnancy Options
  • Sex/Sexual Activity – definitions
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • STI and Pregnancy Prevention

Youth participate in a Kahoot game with their phones/iPads and a Jeopardy Game to quiz them on topics taught in presentation.

Presentation 2 – Sexual Decision Making – Topics:

  • Influencing/Pressure Factors for sex
  • Sexual Health Values
  • Media and Sex

Youth participate in an interactive brainstorming session, and activities that involve movement and class discussion.

Presentation  3 – Healthy Relationships and Sex (Still in development) – Topics:

  • 5 Dimensions of Wellness
  • What is Love?
  • Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love
  • Love vs Infatuation
  • The Brain and Sex

Presentation 4 – (Still in development) – Topics:

  • Dating and Physical Boundaries
  • Why wait?
  • Consent
  • Pornography




Audience: Grade 10+
Durations: 50min – 1hr20min

All presentations are free of charge.

Comments from Teachers

“A very direct, informative, comfortable, entertaining and energetic presentation – outstanding!”

“I recommend to other teachers this session as a useful learning experience for their students.”

 Comments from Students

“This talk was very insightful and informative.”  “I loved the personal stories!” 

“I wish we had more time with you.”

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